Church History

The first meeting of the Church of God of Landisville was held May 27, 1832 (when the USA was only 56 years old) at the home of John C. Landis, corner of Church and Main Streets. Mr. Landis was postmaster of Landisville, 1832 - 1840, a very influential citizen, the town was named after him. Twelve peopleattended that first meeting. Brother David Maxwell and Brother Jacob Myers preached in English and German.
September 17, 1833 - the Landisville Church was officially organized with 10 members. John C. Landis was appointed Elder. John Winebrenner, founder of Churches of God, General Eldership in 1825, preached in Landisville on 3 occasions:
3/3/1833 - sermon in German
7/19/1835 - in Landis' orchard
7/21/1836 - Landis' home
First building (called Bethel) was built in 1843 - a simple frame structure. It stood along Church Street between the road (dirt at that time) and the existing building.

The church was remodeled in 1888. A vestibule and belfry were added at the north end, and a pulpit recess at the south end. Jacob Kurtz donated the bell in 1888. First minutes of Church Council were recorded in 1887. Times were rough - preacher's salary was $200 per year. Janitor was paid $4 per month. Members had to be asked to give to help pay church expenses. Some services had to be cancelled because of mud.
April 4, 1908 - electric lights installed thanks to Simon B. Minnich. 1908 - First time High School Graduation was held in the Bethel (the school building stood directly across the street, where there is now a parking lot. August 11, 1912 - cornerstone laid for new (existing) building. Building committee: S.B. Minnich, H.C. Greider, H.S. Hershey. S.B. Minnich donated the land. Lowest bid to Ebersole and Stauffer - $9,750 (May 1912) Actual cost $21,000. (Some members did not like the architect's original plan, so it was redesigned it, and had it built the way it is now.)
1956 - An Education Building was added. A new building was necessary as the Sunday School attendance swelled to in excess of 225. There were classrooms in all corners of the basement, including the "hole" under the bell tower and kitchen. Some trivia here... there was once a kitchen under the sanctuary and big church suppers were held in the basement! There were classes in the choir loft, the sanctuary, and 2 on each side of the Sunday School assembly room It connected to the existing foyer. Here are placed the plaque from the original 1843 Bethel, the original podium and pulpit Bible, and in the south wall a stained glass "Church of God" window from the original Bethel.
The church published a little newspaper called "News From Home." There were 25 monthly issues December 1943 to December 1945 - sent to Landisville servicemen. The church has had a baseball team, a women's sewing circle, Missionary Society, Ladies' Aid.
Since 1886, Landisville COG has had 20 pastors. The early ones 1832 - 1844 were circuit pastors. Records between 1844 - 1846 are incomplete. The longest term served was Rev. Harvey A. Hershey who served Landisville from 1922 - 1932 and the Rohrerstown Church of God 1904 -1916 a total of 22 years. Rev. Daihl served 1938 - 1952, Pastor Bistline, 1979 - 1992, 13 years. The shortest term was 4 months in 1904 by Rev. Kipe who left due to illness.
Missionaries from the Landisville congregation: Rev. Howard and Viola Cover and Edith Nissley. Pastors from the Congregation: William H. Reist, Steve Lindemuth, Justin Steele and Barry Sellers.
To meet a growing community ministry and accommodate additional outreach programs a new multipurpose extension was added in 2006. Included in this project were new and enlarged kitchen, classrooms, office, finished basement youth area and first floor multi-use room which is used for basketball, community activities and large congregational functions.
A year later, the four seasons prayer garden was designed and planted under the leadership of Dr. Jerry and Val Albright.