Walking through the storms of life…

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Sometimes the best way to make it through the storm is to “jump out of the boat” of fear and safety and head into the storm. It’s important to keep yourself focused. As the storm rages around you, what are you focused on? Who or what do you place your hope and trust in? It’s tempting to worry about the “wind, waves and lightning”; the details of the storm that has blown into your life. We’re never prepared for what might come our way, but we can choose to live unafraid with courage to “walk on water” and conquer the waves. Maybe it’s time to give your attention to Jesus who is always waiting in the midst of the storms of life; waiting to make a rescue; waiting to reach out and with strength; waiting to comfort and guide us back to safety; waiting for us to call out to Him!

In the New Testament of the Bible, in the first book entitled Matthew… chapter 14, Jesus was there in the midst of the storm for Peter. Jesus will be there for you, waiting, when the storms of life come over you.

from the Voice Bible…

25 Deep in the night, when He had concluded His prayers, Jesus walked out on the water to His disciples in their boat. 26 The disciples saw a figure moving toward them and were terrified.

Disciple: It’s a ghost!

Another Disciple: A ghost? What will we do?

Jesus: 27 Be still. It is I. You have nothing to fear.

Peter: 28 Lord, if it is really You, then command me to meet You on the water.

Jesus: 29 Indeed, come. Peter stepped out of the boat onto the water and began walking toward Jesus. 30 But when he remembered how strong the wind was, his courage caught in his throat and he began to sink.

Peter: Master, save me!

31 Immediately Jesus reached for Peter and caught him.

Jesus: O you of little faith. Why did you doubt and dance back and forth between following Me and heeding fear?

32 Then Jesus and Peter climbed in the boat together, and the wind became still. 33 And the disciples worshiped Him.

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