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I’m learning to enjoy running… slowly! I am a novice really, and am running to get my 52 year old body in shape and the weight off. While I was running this morning, some thoughts were “running” through my mind. You may find them helpful, encouraging, insightful or just a waste of time. But, I thought I would share them here and do so every Saturday morning!

  1. The sound of saccades/locusts chirping always signal the end of summer for me, and I can’t believe that we are midway through July!
  2. I wonder when someone will invent a device that fits into your ear to listen to music which connects to your car or phone which is 100 yards away from where you are running?
  3. As a pastor, I work on Sundays and so I spend most of the week preparing for Sunday. I have to get my heart, soul, and mind ready to go. I also view Sundays as the beginning of the work week and not the end of it. Sunday should be a day of rest, but not for me. And I suppose not for a lot of people. I wonder what the average church-goer/follower of Jesus does to get ready for Sunday? How do you prepare your heart, soul, and mind to receive the truth from God’s Word? And when you receive a “word from the Lord”, what do you do with it?

Today is the last day of the week to prepare yourself for what is coming your way tomorrow. If you’re not following Jesus, then you will probably  deal with whatever comes your way in the way you have always done it in the past; you’ve probably relied on your own limited wisdom and knowledge to make it through. And if that is working for you, then so be it!

If you are following Jesus, then you still have time today to prepare for the truth that has the power to impact your life and unlock the “chains” that bind you.

If the circumstances in your life are running you over and you don’t know where to turn, or you’ve tried a lot of options and nothing is working well, then let me suggest you check out Jesus and see what He has to offer!

What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow? It never hurts to be prepared! After all, you have no idea what will happen in your life, tomorrow!

Just some random thoughts “running” through my head…

One Comment on “Saturday morning run…”

  1. More power to you in a running program. I despise running. His mercy reigns. Unending love. Amazing grace. Keep on keeping on.

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