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In our journey to go through the entire Bible, both with our kids and with our adults, we are working our way through the Old Testament book of Judges. Gideon is our focus for Sunday. If you don’t know the story of Gideon, you can read it in chapters 6-8. Once you read his story, you will instantly relate to one or more parts of his journey of faith. This is why we love Gideon so much… relatable, average guy trying to follow God amidst his low self-esteem, his questions regarding where God “is” in his life, his doubts about miraculous signs from God and his excessive plans for fighting the battle ahead.

This is our life of faith… this is our struggle to be faithful, devoted followers of Jesus. Gideon’s questions are our questions. As you study the life of Gideon, focus on these applicable truths! God sees us much differently then we see ourselves. God is able to show up in our lives in miraculous ways with signs and wonders but prefers us to believe without seeing; to trust and obey, not by sight but in faith! God will help you fight any “battle” you are facing today, but He wants you to “let go” and surrender your plans, ideas and concerns into His hands. The battle belongs to the Lord and He will fight for you today!

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